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Photograph restorations

People are often heartbroken, when they discover that treasured images (photographs or slides) have been damaged by the passage of time, and incorrect storage and handling.

With slides in particular, many people were not aware, in the first instance, how to store these precious images correctly.

Slides are prone to damage, especially by mildew growth, because when slides were first used, it wasn’t widely understood that they needed to be kept in a special environment (with absolutely no moisture contact).  Hundreds of my father’s slides were damaged in this way, beyond repair.

However, I’ve had considerable success with slides, as can be seen in this album.  It can sometimes be quite a challenge, but the rewards are great when images can be restored and printed or placed on a disk, then returned to clients who had given up hope.

I’m not a miracle worker, and there are instances where I know I won’t be able to do a satisfactory restoration.  If that is the case, I can usually tell straight away – at no charge.

Damaged slide images need to be professionally transferred to disk (in their damaged state) before I can start work.  Camera House is one business that can do this.

Enhancements and restorations can be purchased from me as prints or on disk.

Please feel free to enquire about prices, which are calculated by the time spent restoring and repairing images.  I am happy to discuss options, by email in the first instance.

Click on any image to enlarge and scroll through the album.