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Conceptual Expression

Conceptual expression – an album of Australian native flora, birds and insects with a conceptual expression enhancement.  Colours, textures and shapes are enhanced without losing their identity.

Australian native flora (such as Waratahs) quite often have clear definition of stamens and leaves-although petals may be softer. This creates an opportunity to experiment artistically.  I have a love of colour, which greatly influences any artistic avenue that I might be pursuing.

In the Blue Mountains, during Autumn (my favourite season) colours of native flora and leaves change dramatically.  It is such a joy to live in this environment – it can be quite breathtaking.  Mt Wilson NSW, in particular, with it’s avenues of trees, is a must-see when Autumn arrives.  Leura is also a very beautiful place to visit, with it’s village atmosphere and annual open gardens for the public to wander through and enjoy.

One needs to arrive early, before the many overseas tourists arrive with their cameras, to also enjoy the beauty of the Blue Mountains .

Native birds, of course, have just as much, if not more, detail as plants.  Enhancing these images has caused me to look more closely, and be more aware of the detail.

Apart from photography, I also draw and paint, and I believe this will encourage me to look more intensely at detail  (without the exaggeration of expressionism).  This album is more about artistic expression, dominated by colour and form, rather than the precise detail my images usually display.  Hopefully without losing the essence of the picture.

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