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Australian Native Flora

Australian Native Flora – sometimes harsh in texture and very defined with shape and colour.  I live in a National Park (The Blue Mountains) and, although I have been here for many years, still, quite often, find something different to photograph when going bushwalking with my camera.

Australian native flowers can be very defined with shape – such as Waratahs.  Then there are softer versions of flora such as Callistemons. that come in a large variety of colour and size.  Flowers are pollen laden and attract the many native birds that abound in this area.

A common nickname for Callistemon is “bottlebrush” because of the obvious similarities to the tool for cleaning bottles.  There are quite a few varieties of Waratah, with some beautiful hybrids being created these days.  Florists love to use these with harsher structured blooms such as Banksias.

One of my favourites to photograph is the pea plant, a tiny flower with vivid colouring.  Eucalypts provide the most interesting Autumn leaves in Autumn/Winter – gold, russet, bright red and brown.


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