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Australian native birds

Living in the Blue Mountains (NSW Australia) gives me the amazing opportunity of having wonderful native birds in my own backyard.  Because of the vast array of native plants with pollen laden blooms, there is always something for every type of native bird.

I have brilliantly coloured parrots, lorikeets, rosellas, honeyeaters and tiny wrens, to name just a few.   Insect eaters also abound, attracted to the many types of insects and bugs that feed on the pollen of my native plants.

I am very fortunate to have a whole family of Whipbirds, living in the trees on my property for part of the year.  They have an extremely distinctive call that’s instantly associated with the Australian bush.  Many Australians have never seen them (although most would have heard their call). They are tiny little birds. but very loud.  I don’t believe mine is the only place they call home, as I see them mostly in Autumn.

Whipbirds are shy, so I have to set up my camera and be ready, before they arrive in my courtyard, where I have small seed waiting for them.  It can be very hard to get a good shot, as they almost whir as they flit around.  When I have larger birds, such as King Parrots and Rosellas (Eastern and Crimson) feeding, it doesn’t worry them at all and they are fairly social with other birds.  They are very aware when I am around, but as long as I don’t get too close, move slowly, and have patience, everything is OK!!!!






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