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Janet Gulliver

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When I first bought my home in the Blue Mountains (west of Sydney, Australia) the block of land was devoid of plants, except for a large Eucalypt and a Geebung tree (Persoonia levis). I made a decision to plant a garden that would encourage birds and insects. I only have a small block of land, but over the last 20 years, this has become almost like a small rainforest in appearance and environment.

I started with large native lillypilly trees and underplanted with smaller natives such as grevilleas, corymbias, callistemon and tree ferns. The lillypillies have an abundant supply of blossoms, and berries in season. Consequently, I now have blossoms and berries that change with the seasons, and constantly attract native birds in particular.

My interest in botanical art quickly became an absolute obsession with photography as flowers started blooming and native wildlife started to visit.

I do visit other gardens and other countries, but the joy of sitting in my studio and watching the coming and going of native birds in my own garden is an absolute joy, as is the forever changing variety of blossoms. My own little piece of paradise!

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